We've been getting a lot of nostalgic flashbacks lately, especially when it comes to Indian trends, as more and more ladies are referring to their mothers' and grandmothers' nuptial ceremonies when the alternatives were far simpler and every single bridal garment had incredible grace and style. Victorian blouses are one such trend that has been making a resurgence and steadily making its way into the wardrobes of to-be brides.

A showreel of lacey designs, ancient embroideries, and dramatic sleeves starts playing in our heads the instant we hear the word "Victorian." Well, what used to be all about modest styling in previous years has certainly progressed. Although some brides are opting for Victorian blouse patterns that complement their necklines & their sculpted collarbones, others are fully embracing the retro feelings and using lace veils and parasols to elevate their style!

On average, Victorian blouse designs among the bridal collections India are also known as lingerie blouses and consist of bell sleeves, intricate expressive detailing, and lastly some lace here and there. With such elegance and beauty, their re-emergence as a popular trend culture comes hardly as a surprise.

One such eye-catching piece by our exceptional wedding dress designers in India was a Z-black blouse with conspicuous, & comfy balloon sleeves completed by a simple, lightly embellished lehenga saree, perfect for any of your pre-wedding functions.

Another trending and market-dominating style includes ruffle-based sleeves, especially among bridal lehengas, giving our designer dresses in Delhi the perfect regal finish. Besides the above, we also have the contemporary ruched sleeves, Victorian blouses making a comeback, ideal for making the perfect statement entry as well as creating the perfect millennial bride mirage.

Moreover, pro tip, couple any of the above with a detailed backdrop blouse to elevate the look multifold. So which is your personal favorite? For more interesting tidbits stay tuned!